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Tutor/Mentor Conference in Chicago on November 4 - Registration Open


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Network. Share Ideas. Help Make Volunteer Based Tutor/Mentor Programs Available in More Places Where They are Needed.

Register now for Tutor/Mentor Leadership & Networking Conference, Friday, November 4, 2011 at Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago 
Conference Agenda now at

The goal of the Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference is to draw together leaders across many sectors who we meet in on-line networking and learning so they connect and form relationships with each other.  The Conference enables these leaders to network and collaborate toward helping existing tutor/mentor programs get the volunteers, dollars, and ongoing leadership they need to connect with kids in throughout the city where tutoring and/or mentoring programs are needed, while also helping new programs form where none exist.

If you plan to attend please register and add your name to the on-line attendee list. This can show others who is attending and motivate them to sign up also. You can look at attendee lists as far back as 2007.

Bring a Group - Get a Discount
Between now and November 4 some of these workshops may change or move to a different time slot. However, with four or five choices in each time slot, each guest can only attend one!  That's why you should bring a group from your organization, neighborhood, company or community. Split up so you can attend every workshop, then over the weekend or next week get together and share what you learned and who you met.   Contact Dan Bassill to discuss group rates for 3 or more people.

Rates too high? Ask for the $20 scholarship rate when you fill in the registration form. It's automatic.


Help build Public Attention.
The goal of the November Conference is to build public awareness of volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring so more people seek out tutor/mentor programs for December holiday and year-end donations. 

This page shows news stories from past Tutor/Mentor Connection events:

Help us create new stories, and use these to draw attention to your own programs. This is a Press Release that you can edit to add info on your own participation and pitch to your local media.

Write about your workshop or your participation in a Blog Article.  The MassMentoring Partnership is hosting their conference in October and workshop presenters are writing articles that they post on their blog.

I encourage leaders, volunteers and supporters of tutor/mentor programs to write at least one blog or social media article in October talking of your own efforts and pointing to collective efforts like the Tutor/Mentor Conference. If you write a story on your blog send Dan Bassill the link so it can be shared with others. 

Together we can attract the attention of new donors and volunteers who support many different organizations offering various forms of volunteer-based tutoring and/or mentoring.


Why are we doing this?

In today's Chicago Tribune was a commentary titled "Economic inequality: The real cause of the urban school problem".  You can read it here.

Earlier this week Public/Private Ventures released new research showing the impact of programs that stayed connected with youth two years or longer.  Find the research at

Volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs that connect volunteers from the workplace and from beyond poverty with inner city kids, and keep them connected for multiple years, are a strategy for expanding social capital and learning experiences. For such programs to exist they must have business models that can attract and retain volunteers and there must be new strategies to draw consistent operating dollars to every program doing this work. That's the focus of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the reason we've offered this conference every year since 1994.

New Business Model
While we have operated the Tutor/Mentor Connection as part of a 501-c-3 since 1994 we are now operating as a social enterprise called Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. We have the same mission and goals but a different tax classification. When you write a check make it payable to Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC or  use the PayPal form on the conference web site to pay.

If you can provide financial support, please become a conference sponsor to help us keep rates low, offer low-rate scholarships and continue to provide a wide range of information to support tutor/mentor program growth in Chicago and other cities. See the sponsor page at


Want to interact on line? Join the forum at or our Facebook page at

Thank you for reading.
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