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[EveryBlock] Mr. Mayor take it up with the Bank

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Flower Power posted a new message to Ward 18:

Mr. Mayor take it up with the Bank

Instead of the Mayor attempting to balance the city’s budget on the backs of the average working citizen of Chicago. Why does he not force the Ordinance for the city as it relates to vacant properties? There are so many properties not being maintained. If he would fine the banks/ title companies he would not need to worry about dog licenses.
Enforcing the Vacant properties ordinance may balance the city’s budget; the banks have the title and the money. A registration fee of $250 is required each time the vacant building is registered, each registration last only for a 6 month period.
I know on my block we have 3 properties that is $1500 per year, that’s not a priority for the Mayor he is worried about the estimated 7 dogs on my block that will net $35 per year for all 7 dogs if each dog is neutered/ sprayed or $350 for all 7 dogs if each is un-neutered.
If the pet owner does not take their dogs to the vet the ordinance will not affect them only those of us who actually take our pets to the vet for shot will be affected, correct me if I am wrong the Vets have to report to the city each tag number for rabies injection. I am going to get the license for my 2 dogs but I would much like to have someone cut the grass on the vacant property across the street because if make my block look bad.

Flower Power
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