Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fwd: To Stop Violence in Chicago, Let Them Eat Hot Dogs!

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Subject: To Stop Violence in Chicago, Let Them Eat Hot Dogs!
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To Stop Violence in Chicago's Struggling Black Communities, Chicago Community Trust Says, 
Let "em" Eat Hot Dogs!
Terry Mazany, President and CEO, Chicago Community Trust
Hot Dogs Mazany suggested to stop violence in Chicago.

In a recent conversation I had about reducing violence in Chicago with Terry Mazany, President and CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, Mazany told me, "You have a great plan!  In fact we are doing your plan!  I've been following your e-blasts.  We have adopted it and we will fund it by offering mini-peace grants to organizations in the communities you are targeting." 

I told Mr. Mazany that is not the whole plan.  In fact, our e-blasts represented only a minor, fringe element of the plan.  I explained to him that to stop the escalating violence in these communities, a comprehensive, intelligent, coordinated, well-thought out, mid- and long-term, community-driven, action plan is a must.  He told me that he is giving away hot dogs!

Mr. Mazany told me, "Our researcher Zaid told us that kind of Command and Control stuff doesn't work.  We are putting our money directly into the communities so that they can give away hot dogs, or anything else they want to do.  We rushed together a 1-page RFP and they can fill it out and we will get them the money in a week."

Do Mr. Mazany and Mr. Zaid know "that kind of Command and Control stuff" is how armies work, how police departments work, how every city department works, how every state department works, how every company works, how non-profits work, how foundations work?  Apparently these gentlemen don't want struggling Black communities to have the benefit of infrastructure, analytics, logistics, coordination and management support that success requires.  

A plan to give away hot dogs to stop violence in Black communities at best is patronizing, insensitive and foolish, and at worst reinforces institutional and structural racism. If Lincoln Park or the Gold Coast had asked for a plan to reduce violence, do you think Mr. Mazany would have suggested hot dogs?  Apparently, the Chicago Community Trust has money to burn!  I hope that it is not your money!

Please call President Mazany at 312.616.8000 and tell him what you think about his plan to give away hot dogs to stop violence in Chicago's struggling Black communities. 


Phillip Jackson
The Black Star Project

The Black Star Project, 3509 South King Drive, Suite 2, Chicago, IL 60653
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: In ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ a Tough Love Analysis of the Poor Who Back Trump - The New York Times

The author's analysis of Appalachian white communities, where he comes from, reminds me of the black poor inner city public housing community, where I come from. Both communities have been devastated by lost of manufacturing jobs; and public officials pitting poor whites against poor blacks/latinos, their failure to use government to address the needs of both groups, in order to disproportionately benefit the donor class. We need leaders who will like LBJ, RFK, MLK, Jack Kemp, and Jesse Jackson, Sr that can communicate with both poor whites and blacks and help build effective coalitions for solving their common problems. President Obama and both Clinton's understand the problem but since, the GOP's existence depends on successfully convincing poor whites--- that minorities, immigrants and "the others" are the cause of their problems--- I think the next Congress, will continue to be a roadblock, doing nothing, legislatively except for the 1%. Trump is the ultimate manifestation of this garbage that the way to make America great again (read white) is to kill our diversity.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Genius | Best teacher's aide for Chicago Public Schools: Corporate partners - Opinion - Crain's Chicago Business

The problem starts at the top, with CPS' top management and the Mayor who are more interested in controling rather than empowering schools, students, principals, parents and other stakeholders, especially in black and Latino neighborhoods. Let's focus on developing the capacity of each local school council and education oriented community-based organizations, like Black Star Project to fundraise, develop and manage projects with business--- and use the City's and CPS' clout (purchasing power, etc) to provide businesses incentives to work with their local schools. There is also a structural problem, since many of Chicago's top businesses, long ago moved away/abandoned Chicago's black neighborhoods, often with public policy assistance (see William Julius Wilson's seminal research in The Truly Disadvantaged and When Work Disappears).