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I just didn't know .....

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Today I got up and like every other day since December 2nd, I put on my unemployed clothes.  Leggings and a long top are my staple of clothing now days  Today though I put on a RBS  (Royal Bank of Scotland) wind breaker because of the rain.  I'm in and out of the car and it's easy breezy.  The wind breaker is a pullover and has a hood on it and at varies times during the day I put the hood on as I was getting in and out of the car.  For some reason today I received lots of nods and thumbs up and I didn't know why.  This went over my head until I got home and listened to the radio and signed on to Facebook.  Now I realized that everyone I encountered had a hoodie on of some sort, even some young white guys.  They were all in solidarity for the Treyvon incident.  I didn't have a clue.  At first I felt like an idiot because I didn't know what was going on. I knew what happened to Treyvon and the surrounding circumstances but  I wasn't up on the news for today, not to say if I did I would have worn a hoodie.  I just don't own a hoodie, I least I thought I didn't.
Now that I have come across all the post on facebook and viewed all the pictures of everyone taking a stand with their hoodies I feel like WOW!!  If we all can take a stand on all the injustice that goes on ........... You should see all the pictures out there of everyone in support ...young, old, white, black, etc.... It's amazing.  My heart goes out to his family.  We all should continue to lift them up in prayer.
take a peep at this ... as of Friday evening this post received 26,737 views.

Dear parents of Trayvon Martin,
As a white mother of a white son, I do not pretend to know what you must be going through right now. I respect and honor our differences. My neighbors and I have taken these pictures because we want you to know that you are not alone. We have all wept for your son. We dress our children in hoodies because we want them to grow up to share the burden we feel. We want them to know that if a child or a group of children are not safe in this world then we are all responsible. We want them to know that today, at this moment, we are all Trayvon.
May God bless you and bring you comfort.
 — withAnna George Vizcarra-Barton, Claudia Vizcarra andBenjamin Frank Vizbarton.

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No answers for structural unemployment » The Commercial Appeal

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lozano Jr. vs. Tabares campaign one to watch on Southwest Side - Chicago Sun-Times

Message to Mitt: Illinoisans want Fitz, not grits -,0,6381055.column

"How can Romney come into Illinois, with a governor just having been sent to prison, with investigations all around, and not tell the voters listening on that station that he's going to keep their top political prosecutor?" said Thom Serafin, savvy political analyst for Fox News Chicago.

"And that's why Romney disconnects. Is it bad staff or a timid candidate? He might make a good president, but right now, he's a candidate, and a candidate has to connect."

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Blagojevich went wayward on the Chicago Way -

Jazz Cruises 2013

For all  music lovers, I strongly endorse this and melzeltravel. brian

Dear Music Lovers,
This letter is in reference to the Jazz Cruises which I've discussed with some of you.  It is again time to sign up for the upcoming cruise of your choice.  Each year the cruises feature fantastic  and well known artists.  Most of you have participated with the jazz cruises. However, there are actually four different music theme cruises from which you can choose.  In other words, there is music for every taste. All four cruises are available but they do have complete sell outs so don't hesitate or wait too long to reserve your cabin. You are truly in store for a great experience on any of these wonderful cruises!
Attached is material with details of the events for your review.  You may want to come with others. Group booking is available for parties of eight or more cabins.  Please contact me with any questions or need for additional information.  I will be happy to work with you.  Sincerely,

Zella Harrington, Travel Agent


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Support home care workers

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I sent you an e-mail about the Department of Labor's proposed changes to the companionship and live-in worker regulations.  The hearing was called by the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, chaired by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), not the DOL.  I apologize for the confusion.  The House Subcommittee hearing has just been postponed -- we'll keep you posted!

Nevertheless, I urge you to send in your comments today!

The proposed changes will require home care agencies to pay their workers at least minimum wage and overtime. Home care workers provide companionship and care to those close to us. Now, these same workers need us on their side. Show your support now.


- Kim



The Department of Labor set a public hearing for tomorrow about changing a rule that would require home care agencies to pay their workers at least minimum wage and overtime. This change is common sense and long overdue.

More than 700 of you already offered a public comment. Thank you!


Every faith tradition teaches that we are responsible to care for "the least of these." Home care workers provide care for our most vulnerable and elderly family members. Their work is both difficult and important, and they deserve to have their rights protected.

The Department of Labor is accepting public comments until March 12. We need people of faith to tell them that home care workers deserve to be paid fairly for their important work.

Thanks for your support,

Kim Bobo


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Watch "Christ Esteem Ministries Presents The only one By Rickavessel Directed By Shaiking Mathis" on YouTube

Director is Shaiking Mathis, an ambitous young man redefining himself based on his future rather than his past.

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