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Are Breakthroughs a Matter of Luck?

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Maze Jackson


The End of the Rubber Stamp?

Political Correspondent: Maze Jackson

I'll begin with a disclaimer: I work with a lot of elected officials, come from a political organization, and got my political start from Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. I say all of this because you'll probably think I'm bias when I say that the aldermen do a lot for their wards that they don’t get credit for it. For all of their criticism as a whole, most people tend to like their individual alderman when they are doing a good job for their community.

They catch a lot of criticism for things they have no control over, or when they ultimately have to make choices between bad and worse for the good of the overall city. When I discuss city issues on Facebook and in forums people are often quick to criticize “aldermen.” They've even gone so far as to call them the “Rubber Stamp” City Council, because Mayor Daley used to win votes 50-0 or 49-1. But what most people did not realize was that there were lots of behind the scenes lobbying that occurred to maintain the so-called “Rubber Stamp.”

The Mayor’s people knew they needed to get the support of the aldermen to push the Mayor’s agenda forward. To insure this, they spent a lot of time briefing, convincing, and negotiating. They knew to insure their boss’ long-term success, they dare not offend the aldermen, (well most of them anyway). They knew how to talk to the aldermen, how to share the credit, and to make everybody look as good as possible.

At every groundbreaking, ribbon cutting, and grand opening the Mayor attended, there were aldermen standing beside him. They worked together, and while there were the perception of him being a dictator, he knew how to play the game, how not to be disrespectful and how to maintain relationships.

But there is a new sheriff in town, and I’m not sure if he got the playbook, or better yet if he even cares about the playbook. I see more and more press conferences on jobs, police, budget…heck there’s one everyday telling us how HE is delivering on HIS campaign promises. God bless him, he is doing his thing. Curiously though, as the frequency of the press conferences increase, the aldermanic presence lessens. Where there were aldermen in the backdrop of every press conference, there are flat screens, multimedia presentations, and corporate CEOs.

His staffers tend to be mostly 20-30 something college grads that believe Rahm can do anything, and may have only read about how City Hall works, not understanding that former Mayor Daley’s power came from negotiating, compromising, and partnering with aldermen. They believe in the omnipotence of the Global Rahm Emanuel Persona. They believe that because he said it is; that they should all just be happy to be in his presence. I mean he is the RAHM!

I get it in the global sense. And I’m sure that all those staffers who believe their own press releases also believe that the budget will just magically pass, just because Rahm said so. But this is Chicago, and what they may not realize is that it took mutual respect and relationship building for Mayor Daley to become DA BOSS. So we'll see how good a job they’ve done during the upcoming budget hearings chaired by Alderman Carrie Austin. Combine that with an emboldened and reloaded Black Caucus led by Alderman Howard Brookins. I have a sneaky feeling the days of the so-called Rubber Stamp are over!


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Lupe Fiasco donated walkie talkies during 'Occupy the Hood'

PR specialist Brihana Gatlin joins Carl West at panel during 'Chicago Ideas Week' while chatting with filmmaker Kyra Kyles

J Hova leaves lunch appointment with Coldplay's Chris Martin


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Ted Santos


Are Breakthroughs a Matter of Luck? Part III

Business Correspondent: Ted Santos

As you move through the Disruptive Leadership Model™, it becomes clear that the process quickly shapes mental models in the direction of high performance. It allows you to more effectively gain insight into what you really are committed to accomplishing as well as what stops you from getting it done.

From experience, the vast majority of business leaders have a vision that they would like to pursue. Except, they feel it is not the right time; the economy is wrong; their people are not ready; they don’t have resources…etc. When people or companies are able to get clear about what they are committed to accomplishing and become comfortable declaring a future that currently does not exist, it is easier to develop plans and strategies.

The empowering part of this method is that it allows for people and organizations to be comfortable with the breakdown that declarations create. The moment you declare a future that has never existed and stand for it to happen, you have created a problem, and it is likely that you do not immediately have all the answers that will help take you to where you want to be.

The way people usually deal with problems like that is to ignore them or procrastinate. We are taught to only make bold moves when we can prove it can be done. However, when John F. Kennedy declared a man on the moon, there was no proof it could be done. There was a huge gap between the declaration and the reality of it happening.

Declarations expose those gaps in possibility. The job of everyone involved is to uncover what’s missing in the gap and then deploy resources to fulfill that missing. Clearly there must be some grounding in the past to support the declaration- otherwise it is a pipe dream. However, if it is done responsibly, what once looked insurmountable can be achieved with committed resources?

Throughout the life of projects, disruptions will occur. Having an effective process to manage these interruptions will help you use them to reach the next level. It keeps everyone focused on what’s missing, instead of figuring out what’s wrong.

Through this counterintuitive method, intentional breakdowns can instill innovation and accelerate revenue growth by motivating people to think critically. Some of the other benefits include new knowledge being acquired, motivation is increased, it is easier to attract top talent, people are more willing to embrace change, and the business becomes branded as leading edge innovators.

The Disruptive Leadership Model™ empowers organizations to purposefully reach that point which is outside of the business as usual current instead of depending on hope and luck. It is a very effective model for empowering people and organizations to responsibly come out of a comfort zone and produce results that would have never occurred in the paradigm of business as usual.

Most breakthroughs change the future of the person or company forever. This model empowers people to intentionally and more effectively pursue breakthroughs as well as the inherent breakdowns that accompany them.

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion. Or if you want to write me on a specific topic, connect through my blog www.turnaroundip.blogspot.com.


Herman "Citizen" Cain


Citizen Cain Has Lost His Way, if He Ever Knew it!

Special Correspondent: CDW

Over the last few weeks, Herman Cain has said things that are suspect at best, and the words that continues to come out of his mouth proves one thing to me. Especially after his interview on Meet the Press this past Sunday with David Gregory, it was obvious that he's not trying to be the Republican nominee to battle the Democratic president for 2012.

There is no way HurriCAIN believes he can win even a minimal number of minority votes, regardless if they're from red states or blue states. Why he's engaged in this traveling circus is beyond me. Because when a Cain decides he will say anything and express himself concerning sensitive issues and not have any remorse, or for him not to expect repercussions is foolish - and he's not a foolish man.

So it’s obvious he doesn't want to win. Right now he's not someone with serious political aspirations; he's just seeking media fame and approval of the good 'ole party. After his most recent comments like electrifying illegal aliens attempting to cross the border, or all poor people want to be disenfranchised, or his support of letting the 1% continue getting their many tax breaks, attacking President Barack and challenging his Blackness. The question is why are we even discussing this respectfully, progressive and successful business man as a legitimate candidate?

I believe in free enterprise, capitalism and equality, and TBTNewsService.com is an equal news and information source, which has profiled Mr. Cain and his candidacy a number of times recently. But after realizing that he's really not in this to win it, just to make a mockery of an already flawed electoral process for diverted gains, Herman Cain will no longer have space in this medium unless...

HurriCAIN is lagging behind Mitt Romney and his shenanigans is just a creative ploy to divert attention away from Romney. Then Herman Cain will alert his growing supporters to give Mitt their vote of encouragement - Not on my watch!

In a Recent New Hampshire Poll, Mitt Romney Leads With 38 Percent of the Vote

Contributing Correspondent: Tony Lee (HumanEvents.com)

Surprisingly, Herman Cain is in second with 20 percent, despite having done very little retail politicking. Which brings us to the question: Can Herman Cain actually be the anti-Romney and win the nomination? Or will Cain just help Mitt Romney split the conservative anti-Romney vote and enable Romney to win the nomination?

There is much to like about Cain. He's refreshingly honest. He has had executive experience in the private sector many Democrats like Obama lack. He has turned around failing businesses, such as Godfather's Pizza. He has an inspirational life story, is unremittingly optimistic, and is offering solutions. In addition, he has shown his depth the past week by rebutting many of the criticisms that have come his way.

He also seems nerdy, having been a ballistics engineer, and has experience on corporate boards—so he is also not unfamiliar with Wall Street. One thing that has been stable, though, has been Cain's high positive intensity score (consistently the highest among all the candidates) and his low name identification numbers.


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