Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sheriff's Deputy Shot & Killed, But Right Wing Media Doesn't Seem to Care (Update: GOFUNDME Link)

"I suspect Deputy Myers death will not garner a lot of attention from Bill O'Reilly and other hatemongers on the right who get themselves all in a lather whenever a law enforcement officer is killed by someone who doesn't look like Joel Dixon Smith.  Nor will they mention that Mr. Smith refused to turn in his guns as required by law, but chose to shoot down an 64 year old man just doing his job serving a domestic violence injunction on a man who clearly had no business owning large numbers of firearms.  Because it doesn't fit their narrative that only black males like Michael Brown or Trayvonn Martin or Tamir Rice are dangerous to police.  So, no, Fox won't be making a big deal, about the death of Bill Myers, deputy and grandfather who was was gunned down by a man with serious anger management issues, a man who was a repeat domestic violence offender, and yet was still able to obtain any gun he could afford."

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