Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: In ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ a Tough Love Analysis of the Poor Who Back Trump - The New York Times

The author's analysis of Appalachian white communities, where he comes from, reminds me of the black poor inner city public housing community, where I come from. Both communities have been devastated by lost of manufacturing jobs; and public officials pitting poor whites against poor blacks/latinos, their failure to use government to address the needs of both groups, in order to disproportionately benefit the donor class. We need leaders who will like LBJ, RFK, MLK, Jack Kemp, and Jesse Jackson, Sr that can communicate with both poor whites and blacks and help build effective coalitions for solving their common problems. President Obama and both Clinton's understand the problem but since, the GOP's existence depends on successfully convincing poor whites--- that minorities, immigrants and "the others" are the cause of their problems--- I think the next Congress, will continue to be a roadblock, doing nothing, legislatively except for the 1%. Trump is the ultimate manifestation of this garbage that the way to make America great again (read white) is to kill our diversity.

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