Monday, August 1, 2016

Genius | Best teacher's aide for Chicago Public Schools: Corporate partners - Opinion - Crain's Chicago Business

The problem starts at the top, with CPS' top management and the Mayor who are more interested in controling rather than empowering schools, students, principals, parents and other stakeholders, especially in black and Latino neighborhoods. Let's focus on developing the capacity of each local school council and education oriented community-based organizations, like Black Star Project to fundraise, develop and manage projects with business--- and use the City's and CPS' clout (purchasing power, etc) to provide businesses incentives to work with their local schools. There is also a structural problem, since many of Chicago's top businesses, long ago moved away/abandoned Chicago's black neighborhoods, often with public policy assistance (see William Julius Wilson's seminal research in The Truly Disadvantaged and When Work Disappears).

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