Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Next Big One: Repatriation Tax Holiday Giveaway To Corporations | Crooks and Liars

Up To $770 Billion Is Owed On $2.2 Trillion In Corporate Profits Stashed In Tax Havens

You might have heard about all that money the giant corporations have been stashing in tax havens so they can dodge paying their taxes. You might not have heard how much they owe us. Corporations have somewhere around $2.2 billion of "offshore" profits stashed in tax havens. They owe up to 35 percent in taxes on that money. That's right; they owe up to $770 billion that We the People could have right now for our roads, schools, health care, scientific research, space exploration, to forgive student debt ... we could have free college tuition, expand Social Security, high-speed rail across the country.... Instead, we're told we can't have these things because there are "budget deficits."

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