Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dr. Boyce: Why Lil Jo Jo's Murder Angers Me So Much | Your Black World

"... What also breaks my heart is that our nation is unwilling to try to understand the socioeconomic conditions that lead to young men choosing to shoot each other down.  The list is a simple and persistent one, but most people would rather assume that we’re just a bunch of angry buffoons who enjoy seeing our brains splattered onto the street.  Here’s a short list of factors:

- Having one or both parents locked away in the prison industrial complex (aka modern day slavery by nearly any measure)

- Horribly weak educational systems and opportunities

- A skyrocketing black and teen unemployment rate that no one is paying attention to

- Having parents that might be hooked on drugs or unable to provide for their children

- The easy availability of guns that corporations would never dare to provide so readily in the suburbs

- The mass production of commercialized hip-hop music that systematically brainwashes young, misguided children to become hard core killers by the age of 14. ..."

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