Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Beauty of Mathematics

To Uncle Stan, one of St. Louis' finest---

This is from my aunt who is a leading community activist in St. Louis. Her brother Stanley Mason, my uncle was a member of the Cornell University Basketball Team that participated in student takeovers of various buildings, in the mid-70's. Because of their courage I felt a difference in how black Ivy League athletes were treated by the time I came along.  He went on to become an engineer in Silicon Valley and was married in and became an active member of Abundant Life Church lead by Paul Sheppard which attracted many Silicon Valley African-American scientists and engineers, before his untimely death. He was just a little older than both Bill Massey and myself, he was probably a junior when we were starting out at Harvard and Princeton.Bill he went to Northwest (?)  High School. The good news is he inspired my cousins, his nephews to become a prominent John Hopkins-trained orthopedic surgeon and a Stanford and Harvard trained lawyer. His daughter is also a Stanford Grad. He was inspired by his sisters who are very St. Louis, prominent activists, teachers and  entrepreneurs and his brother, the retired head of procurement for Exxon Research. 

Again, remembering you, Uncle Stan. You are missed. Thanks, Aunt Zella for this and all you are.

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The Beauty of Mathematics...

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